Saro Rattaro


sara-rattaroSara Rattaro was born to a family of Genoa optical goods merchants.

In 1994 she earns her Teaching studies diploma and then matriculates at the Biological Sciences University, where she graduates cum laude in 1999. She also graduates in Communications Science at Genoa University in 2009.

Between 1999 and 2006 she attends more than ten specialisation courses, both in Clinical studies and Communications, earning a MA in Science Communications at the ‘Il Rasoio di Occam’ (Occam’s Razor) institute in Turin.

In 2009 she completes her first novel ‘Sulla sedia sbagliata’, read and selected by the publisher Mauro Morellini. The novel is well received by critics and the public. She takes care personally of organizing the book’s presentation across the whole of Italy.

In 2011 she writes her second novel ‘Un uso qualunque di te’. A story which explodes first in her head, then through her hands. After meeting the literary agent Silvia Meucci, the novel is published by Giunti Editore.

The book is launched on March 14th 2012, selling 20,000 copies in one week.

In 2013 ‘Non volare via’ is published a novel which tops the best-sellers lists.